Hazing is never 'fun': It's always about power

End Hazing By Bruce Wood
Special to The Globe and Mail

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Change of Seasons

Focussed on working with individual men and organizations that are committed to ending the use of violence by men in their relationships – with their female partners, towards other men and against children.

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Change of Seasons

At Angerskills we can help clients start down the road to this change without feeling like their anger is something that must be “managed” for the rest of their lives.

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Links & Resources

Hazingprevention.org: a site that provides all kinds of information and resources on preventing hazing rituals - http://www.hazingprevention.org/


Centre for Sport and Law: A respected Canadian resources of sport policy and governance issues - http://www.sportlaw.ca/



Welcome to EndHazing.ca

This is a privately operated consultation service whose focus is on helping organizations (sport teams, clubs, educational institutions, greek societies) respond to and prevent incidents of hazing.
Hazing goes by many names, including:

  • Rookie parties
  • Celebrations
  • Welcome nights/weeks
  • Frat parties
  • Freshie parties and weeks
  • Hell weeks
  • Initiation

Regardless of the name hazing can be a painful experience for individuals and an embarrassing or costly one for organizations. Our definition of hazing that can be a problem is as follows:

“Hazing” refers to any activity expected of someone joining or participating in a group (or to attain full status in the group) that humiliates, degrades, abuses, endangers or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate.” Nuwer-Hoover

Hazing not only affects the direct victims of the practice (through fear, intimidation, humiliation, intoxication, violence and sexual abuse) but can also hurt team and organizations reputations, sacrifice playing seasons, and harm entire communities.
At Endhazing we are committed to preventing hazing practices from taking place but we are also here to help when an incident has been disclosed. If you are an individual who has been hazed or is about to go through a hazing ritual, a family member of someone who has been hazed or an administrator or adult in care looking for help please contact us at the information provided on this site.

Bruce Wood, M.A., MPH (Liverpool)

Bruce has been invited to speak to a number of North American Sports organizations on the risks of hazing and steps that can be taken to end this harmful practice. Some of the groups that he has worked with/spoken to  include: the University of North Dakota, the University of Regina, Sask Sport, Sport Manitoba, the Swift Current Broncos hockey club, the Regina Pats Hockey Club, the Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club, the Moose Jaw Warriors Hockey Club and the Manitoba Junior Hockey League.

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Hazing: What’s the big deal?

Stories shared from the Globe and Mail newspaper September 20th and October 25th 2006 on-line editions and the websites: HazingatCornell.edu, badjocks.com and stophazing.org

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